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25 May 2020

Welcome to My Site

Welcome to my new personal website: 

In this current crisis period where social distancing and remote or virtual working are the norms, I've taken advantage of some time to connect many online resources from my teaching, research, executive education development and consulting activities.  As a reader, hopefully you'll find some these useful, and I'll keep the digital connection going.  The site pages include:

  • Phoenix Encounter Method. Information about the forthcoming book, The Phoenix Encounter Method— Lead Like Your Business is on Fire! This book is co-authored with two other INSEAD professors, V. "Paddy" Padmanabhan and Sameer Hasija as well as the distinguished business guru, Ram Charan. It will be available from October 2020.

  • Leadership Resources. Links to articles and videos relating to my work in leadership development and leadership communication.

  • Research and Teaching.  Information about the range of my research, teaching and program direction activities in business academia and executive education.

  • Contact. A way to get in touch and send messages; follow the various posts, articles, and videos that I do; and make contact regarding speaking and media engagements.

I will be adding new material to this site each month including links to my YouTube channel videos as well as published articles and LinkedIn posts.

Many thanks for visiting and reading my site.


28 May 2020

Some Thoughts on Crisis Communication for Leaders

Throughout the COVID-19 global pandemic many global business leaders have been asking for advice on making their communication more effective in these challenging times.  To help, I published two relevant articles last month.  

The first on INSEAD Knowledge which suggests that business leaders would do well to emulate New Zealand’s Prime Minister and the New York Governor by testing their crisis messaging against three checklists.  The article link is at the Leadership Resources tab on my website. It has also been re-published at Board Agenda.

The second, article Leadership Presence from your Laptop, provide five tips to improve your virtual leadership presence at a time when almost all our leadership communication is digitally connected.

Effective communication is essential in leadership—and never more important than now where uncertainty, volatility, concern and stress exist in leadership teams, and amongst crucial stakeholders including employees, customers, investors and regulators.


Ian C. Woodward


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