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Focus Areas

Ian C. Woodward's research, teaching and program direction work focuses on four key areas of leadership and executive development integrating strategic leadership, high performance leadership and self-aware leadership.

  • Leadership Communication: including impactful leadership presence and leadership messaging techniques; the model of  Communication Intelligence for effective communication; and understanding different psychological communication preference styles.  Other communication teaching and research work includes topics of intergenerational communication; cross-cultural communication, and virtual team communication.

  • Strategic Thinking and Leadership: including the concept of "leadership altitudes" and the development with his co-authors of the Phoenix Encounter Method to create a wider range of strategic options for organizational transformation as well as take advantage of firestorm disruption through radical ideation.

    • Leadership Development through the Arts: including live leadership immersion experiences using classical music, orchestral musicians, and conductor to explore principles of high performance organizations and teams; aligning vision, strategy and execution; inclusive collaboration, effective leadership communication and shared purpose and passion to deliver exceptional performance. See for example, Metropolitan Festival Orchestra in Singapore; and Le Concert de la Loge in France.

    Other Leadership and Communication Research

    Books include:

    • Woodward, I.C., Padmanabhan, V., Hasija, S. Charan, R. (2020 forthcoming) The  Phoenix Encounter Method – Lead like Your Business is on Fire!, McGraw Hill.Woodward, I.C., Shaffakat, S., & Dominé, V. H. (2019). Exploring Drivers and Blockers for Insightfully Aware Leadership Development. Palgrave Macmillan

    • Woodward, I.C. (2018). Understanding Communication Preference Styles Guidebook (Revised ed.). Maestro Communication, Sydney.

    • Asian Development Bank (2008) Handbook on Public Private Partnerships. Manila: ADB PSN 071 107 (Contributing Author).

    • Woodward, I.C. (2004) Autogas and Public Policy – A Guidebook for Advocacy and Lobbying. Paris: World LPG Association.

    Book Chapters include:

    • Woodward, I.C., & Shaffakat, S. (2020). Innovation, Leadership and Communication Intelligence. In N. Pfeffermann (Ed.), New Leadership in Strategy and Communication. Springer International Publishing.

    • Woodward, I.C., & Shaffakat, S. (2017). Innovation, Leadership and Communication Intelligence. In N. Pfeffermann & L. Mortara (Eds.), Strategy and Communication for Innovation (3rd ed.). Chapter 15, pp. 245 – 264. Springer International Publishing.

    • Woodward, I.C. & More, E.A. (2013) “Communication in the GFC - Leadership Communication at the Edge” in Fresh Thoughts in Sustainable Leadership, G. Avery (Ed) Tilde University Press.

    • Woodward, I.C. “Australian Energy Markets and Regulation” in Asia-Pacific Partnership (2008), First Information Report on Energy Regulation, Markets and Clean Energy Initiatives in APP Countries (Australia, Canada, China, Japan, India, Korea and the United States). Canberra: Government of Australia.

    Academic Journal Articles and Research Papers include:

    • Woodward, I.C., & Vongswasdi, P. (2017). More that unites than divides: intergenerational communication preferences in the workplace. Communication Research and Practice, 1–28.

    • Woodward, I.C., More, E.A and Van Der Heyden, L.  (2016) “INVOLVE: The Foundation for Fair Process Leadership Communication”, INSEAD Faculty and Research Working Paper (2016/17/OBH/TOM/EFE).

    • Woodward, I.C. & Shaffakat, S. (2016) “Understanding Values for Insightfully Aware Leadership”, INSEAD Faculty and Research Working Paper (2014/46/OBH). New Edition of Paper is (2016/05/OB).

    • Woodward, I.C., Vongswasdi, P. & More, E.A. (2015) “Intergenerational Diversity at Work: A Systematic review of the Research”, INSEAD Faculty and Research Working Paper (2015/48/OB).

    • Woodward, I.C. & More, E.A. (2010) “Leadership Communication at the Edge”. Australian Journal of Communication, May Vol. 37(1): 111-13

    • Beechler, S. & Woodward, I.C. (2009) “The Global War for Talent”.  Journal of International Management, Vol. 15(3): 273-285.

    Ian C. Woodward


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